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So, this is my links page. To keep the surfing down to a minimum, I have chosen to present only the very best of links. Look out for my award, which I present to sites, which are especially outstanding in one way or another.

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  • Let's sing it! ; loads and loads of songtexts
  • CDNow ; prelisten songs, if you can not remember how it sounds.
  • The Modarchive ; ; very good and large mod collection




  • 23 ; I've seen a lot of idiocy on the net lately, but this is *THE WORST* so far - some weirdo describing 520 instances of the number 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (case closed)
  • The Damn You're Ugly Page ; the ugliest people on the net. A bit mean, but very amusing!
  • WWWF Grudge Match ; Aliens vs Velociraptors, Alf  vs E.T. ...Who do you think will win???
  • Søren in cyberspace (Danish) ; sjove rejsebeskrivelser og mærkelige ord
  • I can eat glass Project ; this is insane!  How to claim that you can eat glass, in dozens of languages!
  • Royal Family Genealogy ; if you take interest in royal families , this is the place
  • Home of Jason; No, this isn't the hero from Friday13th - this one is far more dangerous Star Link ; deeeeeply weird. Name two actors, and this page will tell you how they're linked!!!